A Journey of 3000 years in 5 days

When past and future connect, where everyone has a place, there is magic around every corner just waiting to be discovered.

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The Holy City

Visit Jerusalem's historical sites, the Via Doloroza, the Western Wall and Temple Mount. In these places history of the modern world shaped itself.

Israel's Antiquities

Join the excavations with Israel's archeologists and uncover a piece of history. Visit the remains of ancient civilizations and learn their story.

Amazing Scenery

Experience Israel's unique nature and God's wonderful creations. Participants will be seeing unique and extraordinary sites like the Dead Sea, Rosh Hanikra, etc.

Unique Rhythm

Israel's cultural diversity brings together all kinds of people, creating a unique tapestry of sounds, scents, and colors, in the centre of which lies the modern city of Tel Aviv.

The DigIsrael project is a student initiative done with the help and guidance of the StandWithUs Israel branch. We are proud to offer a unique tour exposing the beauty and history of the Land of Israel.